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It is never too late to change your life.

Autumn, 2018 

Jenny Boylan is the author of 15 books, a Trustee of PEN America, and the Anna Quindlen Writer in Residence at Barnard College of Columbia University.

My column “Men and Women” appears on the opinion page of the New York Times every other Wednesday.

I’ve taken my leave of New York City until winter 2019, when I return to Barnard College and Columbia University for the semester.  Until then I’ll (mostly) be back in Maine working on a book, hanging with my family, and playing with our dogs.

Resist.  Persist. Prevail.  >&<

When Nightmares are Real
- by Jennifer Boylan

Donald Trump has harmed me more than any specter ever could. My NYT column for Halloween, 2018.

A Tribute to Richard Russo
- by Jennifer Boylan

On October 20, 2018, the F. Scott Fitzgerald Festival honored my longtime friend, author Richard Russo.  I was asked to…

The Hag of the Beara
- by Jennifer Boylan

“If you’re there,” I prayed, “make it possible for me to live one life, not two.” A Halloween story of…

“Keep it Low”: Beyond Balls, Strikes, and Justice
- by Jennifer Boylan

What do judges and umpires have in common? Not as much as some people think. My NYT column for 10/24/18.…