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Everyone has a dragon to slay. What’s yours?

 January 2017 

Long Black Veil is now available in paperback!  And as an Audio book too!  You are invited to purchase this and other JFB titles at the Books page.

My column “Men and Women” appears on the opinion page of the New York Times every other Wednesday.

I’ve also posted up in one place below links to the dozen or more podcasts and videos I recorded this spring.  They feature Faith Salie, Richard Russo, Susan Faludi, Anna Quindlen, Caitlyn Jenner, Miwa Messer, and more.

I’m back at Barnard College of Columbia University in the City of New York now for the spring term.  Next public event for me is 2/22/18 at M.I.T.

In the meantime, enjoy these cold days.  Oscar Wilde said, “Winters bring wisdom.”  Resist.  Persist. Prevail.  >&<

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