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Everyone has a dragon to slay. What’s yours?

 Winter 2017 

Long Black Veil is now available in stores and on line!  And an Audio book too! The paperback should be available in January.

My column “Men and Women” appears on the opinion page of the New York Times every other Wednesday.

I’ve also posted up in one place below links to the dozen or more podcasts and videos I recorded this spring.  They feature Faith Salie, Richard Russo, Susan Faludi, Anna Quindlen, Caitlyn Jenner, Miwa Messer, and more.

I spent much of this year working on a new book.  And catching my breath after the hectic spring.

 As the 17-18 speaking schedule takes form, I’ll post details here.

In the meantime, enjoy these cold days.  Oscar Wilde said, “Winters bring wisdom.”  Resist.  Persist. Prevail.  >&<

Long Black Veil

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