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Everyone has a dragon to slay. What’s yours?

January 17, 2017 

Back in New York City and at Barnard College for spring.  Next appearance is at Rancho Mirage, CA, 1/28/17, followed by events at Humboldt College in Eureka, CA, on 2/2.  Join me!

Falcon & Quinn

Author Evening with JFB for PEN–please join me!
- by Jennifer Boylan

PEN is hosting a literary dinner for me at the house of one Ruth Messinger in New York on 2/28/16.…

Susan Faludi and the Mystery of Identity
- by Jennifer Boylan

“I think trans people are heroes,” Jennifer Boylan says. “I would also say that I wouldn’t want to get between anybody and the…

Gay America’s Harrowing, Heartening Year
- by Jennifer Boylan

The New Yorker ran this piece on the road ahead–and behind–for LGBTQ people, with a quote from me.

Really? You’re Blaming Transgender People for Trump?
- by Jennifer Boylan

It was the morning after the election. The bottle of Champagne I’d opened as part of an anticipated victory celebration…