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GOOD BOY: Now available in hardback and audio.

A memoir of dogs, and of masculinity, centered around seven dogs Boylan owned pre-transition.  There is Playboy, the Dalmatian of Boylan’s boyhood, who ate the Thanksgiving turkey off the table; there is Matt the Mutt, the dog of college, who “lived a life given over totally to pleasure.” These dogs show us a woman’s boyhood– but they show us something more.  It is the love of dogs that help us survive, and become ourselves.  We wuff what we wuff, not what wuffs us. 

“Gorgeous…a voyage through the moral needle of the world. Good Boy turns out to be much less of a paean to Boylan’s constant canine companions, and much more of a journey through her own psyche. What do we keep, even as we lose pieces of ourselves? The dog at your feet while you’re reading already knows the answer.”
— Jodi Picoult, NYT Bestselling author of SMALL GREAT THINGS and LEAVING TIME

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A hot summer day.  Six friends from college.  An abandoned prison.  A disappearance. A murder. In Long Black Veil, Jennifer Finney Boylan brings her readers a literary thriller, a dark tale of mystery and revelation that also explores the meaning of identity, loyalty, and love.

“In the tradition of Donna Tarttt…Jennifer Finney Boylan has crafted a thriller that’s intellectual, existential, and compulsively readable.  If change is the only constant in life, how much can a person reinvent himself and still be the same?  Long after the last page is turned, you will be thinking about the nature of identity, the pull of the past, and whether you can ever outrun the person you used to be.”  — Jodi Picoult, NYT Bestselling author of SMALL GREAT THINGS and LEAVING TIME

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She's not There

The bestselling story of a transition—for its author, as well as the woman who loves her.  Updated 10th anniversary edition contains new introduction, new update chapter, and a new epilogue by Deirdre “Grace” Boylan. 

“Beautifully crafted, fearless, painfully honest, inspiring, and extremely witty. Jennifer Finney Boylan is an exquisite writer with a fascinating story, and this combination has resulted in one of the most remarkable, moving, and unforgettable memoirs in recent history.”

—Augusten Burroughs

NEW: Audio book of She’s Not There, narrated by Jenny Boylan, her wife Deirdre, and their friend Richard Russo. A Library Journal audio book of the year.

A memoir about growing up in a haunted house—and a reflection on what it means to be “haunted.”

“Ranks right up there with Mary Karr’s The Liars’ Club and Tobias Woolf’s This Boys Life as one of the finest literary memoirs of the last several decades.”

–Richard Russo

A memoir about the differences between motherhood and fatherhood.

“No other memoirist I’ve read so perfectly blends intimacy and witty remove, soul-searching and slapstick, joy and pain. As a child—or as a reader—one could not ask for a wiser, warmer, more engaging companion than Jennifer Finney Boylan.”

– Mary Roach

Book Cover

The Rileys, of Bar Harbor, Maine, negotiate the changes in their family as they head to Ford’s Theatre, in Washington, DC, for their son’s violin performance. Sweet, comic, and exuberant, the novella also tells the story of a transgender teenager as she comes to terms with her family, her sexuality, and the world.

Falcon Quinn is only half-a-monster— and on Monster Island, his friends (including a Sasquatch, a Chupakabra, and a zombie) question his loyalty. As the Guardians—the monster-slayers led by his mother, Vega—prepare for war with Monster Island, Falcon has to find the answer to a hard question: In which world does he belong? Is identity—even for monsters—the thing we create, or the thing we cannot escape?

Falcon and his friends are monsters—a Sasquatch, a vampire, a wind elemental—but now they confront the scariest challenge of all: 9th grade. Disguised as humans, Falcon and friends are in a race against time to find five monsters hidden in a New Hampshire high school. An exciting adventure as well as a serious look at what it means to be different—Falcon Quinn and the Bullies of Greenblud is a hilarious, moving look at bullies and the bullied, at monsters and humans, at boys and girls—and adults—of all kinds.

Falcon and his friends are turning into monsters—and go to the Academy in order to learn how to imitate human beings, so they can survive. What what is better: to learn how to become something you’re not? Or to embrace your “true self”—even if your true self is a zombie? A young adult adventure full of equal measures comedy and truth.

This sequel to The Bitch in the House—the bestselling anthology of women’s experience—finds its contributing authors older, wiser, and (getting) happier. Jenny Boylan’s contribution is the essay “Vagina Notwithstanding,” a meditation on the ways it is sometimes necessary to go through a period of great turmoil in order to find solace.

“There is no bitterness here, only the eloquence of honesty…the reader is tempted, in the face of such truthfulness, to set the book down and say, ‘Thank you.”

–Elizabeth Strout