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Summer, 2023

Jenny Boylan is the author of 18 books, a Trustee of PEN America, and the Anna Quindlen Writer in Residence at Barnard College of Columbia University. In 2022-23, she was a Fellow at the Radcliffe Center for Advanced Study at Harvard University. 

I spent 22-23 in the middle of a crazy house blown up inside a cyclone.  For one, the new novel MAD HONEY, co-authored with Jodi Picoult, was published in October and spent 6 months on the bestseller list.  The paperback will come out in fall of 23.

For another, I was a Fellow (sic) at the Harvard Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.  For this last year I have been part of a cohort of scholars, musicians, artists, and historians, each of us working on our own projects, but coming together twice weekly to hear about work in progress and to have lunch.  It was the experience of a lifetime, and I’m sad it’s over.

I taught at Barnard College, again, this spring, which meant that I was in the classroom on Mondays, in Cambridge during the week, and then back to New York for the weekend.  That– plus the six weeks of autumn book tour, from Seattle to Scotland–was thrilling, but also exhausting.  I’m aware I can’t keep this up forever, and am looking forward to a summer in Maine of quiet and contemplation.

There are a bunch of cool things happening this spring, but the coolest is probably receiving an honorary degree from my alma mater, Wesleyan University.  I will give a short speech.  Prepare your hankies.

My short work has continued to appear in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and (newly) the Boston Globe.  There are links to the most recent publication in the media tab.

I am grateful to my family, to my readers, and to everyone who has helped me on my way.  We are living in an era of cruelty and injustice, and all we can do is fight back, as best we can.  I do believe, deep in my heart, we shall overcome some day.



Co-written with Jodi Picoult, a soul-stirring novel about what we choose to keep from our past and what we choose to leave behind.
Published 10.4.22 in hardcover, eBook, and audio
Available for order now here!

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