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Summer, 2022

Jenny Boylan is the author of 16 books, a Trustee of PEN America, and the Anna Quindlen Writer in Residence at Barnard College of Columbia University. In 2022-23, she will be a Fellow at the Radcliffe Center for Advanced Study at Harvard University. 

Lots of adventures lie directly ahead.  My new novel, MAD HONEY, co-written with one Jodi Picoult, debuts in October. There will be a massive book tour in the USA and also in the UK; we’ll be travelling coast to coast in October, and in the UK for 10 days in November.

Specifically, we’ll be in Madison, CT, Philadelphia, Lewes DE, Naperville, IL, St. Louis, Seattle, Portland OR, Tampa FL, Atlanta, Houston, Raleight, Washington, Portland ME, Boston, and New York– as well as doing virtual events.  Lots more info at the Appearances tab. Most of these events will require tickets in advance; info on tickets is also on the Appearances page.

You can pre-order the book here.

This spring I gave three big speeches– an honorary degree speech at Sarah Lawrence; a quickie at the PEN America gala; and the commencement address at the College of the Atlantic.  I have returned home now to try to begin a quieter time before the pyrotechnics of this fall.

My last regular column for the opinion page of the New York Times, after 15 years, appeared in April.  I’ll continue to write for the Times as the news demands; since then I’ve been publishing essays in the Washington Post. Links to the most recent of those columns (and other current work) are below, and on the “media” page.

I’m a member of the Meteor collective, a new group of progressive and feminist-minded individuals using art and imagination to accelerate equity and equality.  I write an essay for the Meteor newsletter once a month.

I’m appearing in the Apple TV special, “Who Are You, Charlie Brown?”  I talk about queer identity, Marci, Peppermint Patty, and Pigpen.



Co-written with Jodi Picoult, a soul-stirring novel about what we choose to keep from our past and what we choose to leave behind.
Coming 10.4.22 in hardcover, eBook, and audio
Available for preorder now here!

Trans people shouldn’t have to hide to help Democrats win
- by Jennifer Boylan

If we’re going to lose the next election, I’d rather we do it because we stood up for the most…

I’m a Trans Woman. Bullies Don’t Surprise Me, but Allies Still Do.
- by Jennifer Boylan

This was the final column of my 15 year run as a contributing opinion writer at the NYT.  In which…

The Radical Normalcy of a Trans Jeopardy! Winner
- by Jennifer Boylan

This is what really infuriates the trolls.  My NYT essay for 1/10/22.

When Do You Know Your Business Is Done?
- by Jennifer Boylan

It’s time to reflect– and to remember we’re loved. My NYT column for 12/24/21.