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Boylan family, summer 2010

Boylan family, summer 2010
February 7, 2011 Jennifer Boylan

A photo of the Boylans– Deedie (“Grace”), Zach, Sean, and JFB, down at the dock on Long Pond in front of our home in Belgrade Lakes, Maine.  That’s Ranger on the left and Indigo-dog on the right, as well.  “This dream is short, but happy.”


  1. Hangar Queen 8 years ago

    Fair dues to all the Boylans.

    A happy dream indeed.

  2. Margie 8 years ago

    Awesome picture and awesome family Jenny!
    This speaks of that familiar saying ….. the way life outa be …..?

    Hopefully that kind of weather is just around the corner for us, although
    looking out my window says something else.

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