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Holiday greetings from the boylans

Holiday greetings from the boylans
December 16, 2009 Jennifer Boylan

(Postscript: thirteen has been a kind of amazing year for sean, my accompanist in this piece. By way of contrast, you could check out what he looked and sounded like only one year ago, in the same piece of argle-bargle generated for xmas 08. And Zach, seated to my left in the video below, is now, at age 15, too cool to be in the video. By this time next year it’s just going to be me all by myself, unless I too am too cool for this, in which case the holiday video will have to be done by, and star, the dogs.)

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  1. Johnny 9 years ago

    I’d be all for a holiday message from your dogs. Pure gold!

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