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How Beautiful the Ordinary

How Beautiful the Ordinary
October 14, 2009 Jennifer Boylan

9780061154980-1 It’s publication day for HOW BEAUTIFUL THE ORDINARY, a collection of stories of identity for young adult readers. My own story, “The Missing Person” is about being trans, and how it affected my life, and that of my family, when I was young. The collection contains work by lots of good writers, including Gregory Maguire of WICKED fame. Michael Cart, the editor, is a lovely man, a YA author and editor his own self. I haven’t seen any reviews of the collection yet, but I’m hoping the book gets around; it would be beautiful, and ordinary, if these good stories got through to young people in the midst of asking themselves the age old questions: Who am I? Why is love so hard? What is this world? What is this life?


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