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Jenny B. at Kendall Square Cinema this Saturday, March 13

Jenny B. at Kendall Square Cinema this Saturday, March 13
March 9, 2010 Jennifer Boylan

I’ll be introducing the film PRODIGAL SONS this Saturday night at the Kendall Square Cinema in Boston at 7 PM. After the film I’ll interview one of its subjects, Kimberly Reed, who will also be on hand to talk about the film. Kimberly was the subject of an Oprah Winfrey program last month. The film is a lovely indie that’s been getting all sorts of press. Hope anyone in the Boston area who’s interested will come on out.


  1. Gina James 9 years ago

    Wish I could be there!!

  2. Joanna Johnson 9 years ago

    Hi Jenny,

    It was a complicated movie, but it was well done. It was nice seeing both you and Kimberly in person.


  3. kirsten 9 years ago

    ms. boylan, it was such a pleasure viewing the amazing film, ‘prodigal sons’, and meeting kimberly reed and you after the show. i was the one in the silver “moon boots”! thank you for taking the time to emcee the q&a with kimberly. both of you are courageous and inspirational and i look forward to sharing your books and her film with the people i know and love. best wishes to you and your family.

    kirsten a.

  4. Gina James 9 years ago

    Its playing here (atlanta) Saturday.Was hoping Kim could be here,but I guess not.>G<

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