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A Striped Armchair review of I’m Looking Through You

A Striped Armchair review of I’m Looking Through You
September 18, 2009 Jennifer Boylan

small3coverThere’s a really nice review of I’M LOOKING THROUGH YOU in the fine online book review site, A STRIPED ARMCHAIR. Which starts off:

Jennifer Finney Boylan’s I’m Looking Through Youis actually one of those books that straddles the nonfiction and fiction lines-it’s a memoir. There are all kinds of memoirs out there, but my favourites are ones that weave together stories from the author’s childhood with introspective looks at who they are now and have more than a dash of family mythology about them. Ones that are written by literary people, who value style as much as content, and who have had interesting lives. If this is your recipe for the perfect memoir as well, run, don’t walk, to your library or bookstore to get I’m Looking Through You.

I expected the book to be interesting. After all, it’s written by a transgendered woman in who grew up in an old haunted house. And it definitely was! Boylan meanders through time, switching it up to keep things moving, and always choosing fascinating stories. The (literal) ghosts aren’t on every page, but there’s enough of them that I didn’t feel disappointed.

But I ended up being less interested in ghosts than in the people. Boylan’s friends and family were… (click here for the rest of the review).

It’s been almost two years since ILTY hit the stores, but it’s still really nice to get a review like this.   I’m still very proud of this book, and hope that fans of SHE’S NOT THERE who managed to miss the book that succeeded it will take the occasion to check it out.  There’s a whole pulldown menu above featuring lots of information on the book, including the first chapter, which you can read for free right here.


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