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  1. DMc 15 years ago

    Transgendering… That’s a curious verb.

  2. Jennifer Finney Boylan 15 years ago

    I know. I kind of hate that verb too. Of course, “gender” is a verb, once in a while, as in, “the bicycle is gendered.” A transitive verb I guess. Still. Awkward.

  3. Scott Knowles 15 years ago

    I like the interview and it is an interesting word, but I prefer transistion(ing), which takes an explanation, “So what are your transistioning from or to?”, and the response, “Myself to myself. Just a different and more authentic presentation.” And so the conversation goes…, until someone says, “Whatever.”

    What I don’t understand is why people keeping using the word transgender to describe a post-transistion person when they’re legally recognized as female or male. Other than your genes and some residuals physical features, a post-transistion person isn’t trans-anything. You were and then aren’t. So why keep the label? And yes, I know, I just like poking people about it.

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