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First review for my new book!

First review for my new book!
January 9, 2013 Jennifer Boylan

First review for STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU: A memoir of parenting in three genders is out today, and it’s a rave.

“This informal investigation and her touchingly funny and always candid story work together to reveal the book’s ultimate truth: that ‘to accept the wondrous scope of gender is to affirm the vast potential of life in all its messy, unfathomable beauty’… Boylan’s book is genuinely insightful through and through. A warm, engaging memoir.” – Kirkus Reviews.

Kirkus is kind of an inside-publishing publication, but it’s influential and well-regarded.  I’ve had mixed success with them over the years– they really liked SHE’S NOT THERE, but weren’t wild about the FALCON QUINN series.  I’m grateful STUCK IN THE MIDDLE seemed to speak to them, and I’m hopeful, naturally, that this is a harbinger of other nice notices in the months ahead.

Pub date is April 21, with physical books probably shipping a little earlier.  It’s going to be a wild spring!  Fasten your seat belts.


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