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greetings and welcome

greetings and welcome
June 7, 2009 Jennifer Boylan

My dear Bagginses and Boffins, Tooks and Brandybucks, Grubbs, Chubbs, Hornblowers, Bolgers, Bracegirdles and Proudfoots! 

Welcome to this new and improved blog and website for Jenny Boylan.  This site essentially merges the old blog and message boards site with my blogspot blog.  It’s my hope that this site will enable people to find me more easily, as well as allowing me to find them.  The site was designed by Betty Crow, from MHB fame, to whom I am eternally grateful.  This site also enables me to have more control over what goes up online; for the most part I can post my own blogs and photos and other news without having to constantly nag Betty to do it for me.  

You’ll note across the top of the page links to all of the material previously available on  And this home page sends you straight to my own primary blog, of more ephemeral observations.  But all the primary material is still here: a list of upcoming appearances; photos and videos;  reviews and interviews connected with my writing.  

We retire the message board with this new site, which I regret doing in a way, since so many kind friendships were formed there.  I”ll encourage members of that community to check out the other good sites online, including and

Anyhow, welccome.  Hope you like what we’ve done here. We’ll probably continue to work out some of the bugs throughout the summer.  And links to the new site will be coming by summers end as well, I hope.  Stay tuned!


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