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Greetings from Belgrade Lakes, Maine

Greetings from Belgrade Lakes, Maine
August 15, 2009 Jennifer Boylan

Summer is fleeting in Maine, but gorgeous.  Today’s blog post is just a few snapshots from the last week or two. IMG_0762

This is the blueberry barren atop Vienna mountain (pronounced, VY-enna).  I ride my mountain bike up here, no easy task, at least not for me.  No eatin’ the berries, alas, as the farmer up there has this funny idea about his crop not being for public consumption.   These berries look about ripe to me….

IMG_0773Meanwhile, I got invited to a party at governor Angus Kings house– a shindig for Maine Writers and Publishers.  Angus and his wife Mary Hermon have a lovely place on the coast, and I snuck down to the beach to have a conversation with the cold Maine sea.


Meanwhile, back up at the blueberry barrens, you can see Long Pond in the near distance and Great Pond in the far.  I live on Long Pond in the summer, at the end of a dirt road, just at the right hand side, more or less, of this photo.


And this, you ask? This is a moose print in the mud.  Snapped this on my mountain bike ride.


Lastly, you’ll find Deedie (Grace) and Sean driving the boat, below.  Living on a lake, we spend at least as much of our time on the boat as in the car, especially making the trip across the pond to Day’s Store, where you can get anything from tequila to an ice cream cone.  This was an ice cream run in late July, with Sean in the captain’s chair.

That’s the news from Belgrade Lakes.  Wish these days could last forever.



  1. Dawn Langley 15 years ago

    I love summer in Maine: blueberries and lobstah! I sit here writing about your memoirs, as well as those of Dawn Langley Simmons, Max Valerio, Jamison Green, etc. Felt the need to tell you that I appreciate the central metaphor in ‘I’m Looking Through You.’ Ironic that I’m here at your blog on the day there’s an article about another of your stories in USA Today. Thanks for sharing your life with us. And, as a fellow writer, I wish you days of being hopelessly entrenched in the world you’re creating in your new book!

  2. Richard 15 years ago

    Is that Zach throwing up in the stern?

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