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I’m Looking Through You– now on iTunes!

I’m Looking Through You– now on iTunes!
November 29, 2009 Jennifer Boylan

looking-again Thanks to my friend Mary Rae who forwarded me the info that my book, I’M LOOKING THROUGH YOU: Growing Up Haunted, is now available as an audio book on iTunes! This is the version I recorded back in January of 2008, a grueling experience actually– it was about a week in the studio, most of which was fixing all the little flibs and flubs. Still, here’s the audio version of this book, with me doing all the voices of the characters just as I hear them.

I’m very proud of ILTY; I think it’s a better book than SNoT, not least because it tells a more difficult story. It also rejoins the story of the Boylans a good few years after transition, answering the question so many readers had about She’s Not There– did you two stay together? Did you work it all out? I hope that ILTY shows the answer is yes, although “working it all out” is a difficult, and lifelong process.

Above all, ILTY asks about the connection between the people we have been and the people we become, the bridge between the past and the present. What does it mean for a woman to have had a boyhood? What does it mean for the people that love you to have that history changed? ILTY looks at these questions as they affected life in the various haunted houses in which I’ve lived, and talks about what it means to be “haunted.” And it recounts the story of my relationship with my sister Lydia over the course of a long life.

ILTY didn’t get the same media ride that SNoT did, more’s the pity, because it reached fewer readers as a result. I”m hoping that fans of She’s Not There will check it out. If you’re an iTunes user, all you have to do is head to the iTunes store and type “finney boylan” into the search window, and bing, there you are.

There’s lots more material regarding I’m LOOKING THROUGH YOU on this site, and I hope folks who are curious will seek it out on the ILTY wing, under the “books and writing” tab above. I’ll be looking– through you!


  1. Susan Jane 15 years ago

    I have to tell you, I loved this book. I thought it got at deeper issues than even She’s Not There, and it hung together better (the ending was great).

    Plus, it pushed me forward in a lot of ways, so, um, thank you. Really.

  2. Briana 8 years ago

    I read I’m Looking Through You, and my group really had some different comments on the book! Not bad.

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