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JB in Martha Stewart Living

JB in Martha Stewart Living
October 12, 2009 Jennifer Boylan

I wrote this piece for Martha Stewart’s Living magazine, and it appears in this month’s (October) issue. It’s about the graveyards of new england, and the “art” that appears on the headstones. If you’re having a hard time reading the text, I believe you can double-click the images, which will take you to flickr, where under the “all sizes” tab, you can select “large,” and read’em that way.  Happy Halloween!



  1. DMc 14 years ago

    New England cemeteries are great. And they’re everywhere; you can’t hardly take a walk without tripping over dead people.
    In New Haven, there’s a church on the green that was built over the cemetery. They left the gravestones where they stood and built the church around them. You can take a crypt tour and see stones that haven’t been damaged by centuries of acid rain. Fun stuff. I took pictures:

  2. Gina James 14 years ago

    Maybe next time you in Atlanta,stop in the Oakland Cemetery.Not that theres gonna be a tour of bone orchards by Prof.JB.but its interesting.

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