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JB interview via online stream…

JB interview via online stream…
May 25, 2010 Jennifer Boylan

microphoneI appeared today (5/25/10)  on a show called Chez Laura.  I didn’t know anything about this show other than that the host, Laura Lavigne, billed herself as a “life coach,” but the resulting interview was kind of a gas, sort of a look back at the gender memoirs I wrote in the 2000s and a look ahead to Falcon Quinn and the future.    You can stream the show here; this link will take you to an archived version of the show. You can stream the show live there, or you can click on the iTunes link in the lower right hand corner of that embedded stream menu, and that will enable you to download it and listen to it in your own good time.

Here’s what Laura’s web page said about this show before we did the interview:

Let’s talk about … daring to Change – with a capital C!”

May 25 2010

Best selling author Jenny Boylan knows a thing or two about daring to CHANGE. Born James Boylan, she finally was able to face the potential loss of her career, friendships and even her marriage in order to be true to herself and become a woman.

In her book She’s Not There – a life in two genders, Jenny says that  as professor James Boylan, “ “ I used to stand at the lectern in my coat and tie, waving my glasses around, urging students to find the courage to become themselves. Then I’d go back to the office and lock the door and put my head down on the desk.”

We will also talk about Jenny’s brand new book “The Falcon Quinn” which – in Jenny’s own words – “is about kids turning into “monsters,” and the high price of accepting ourselves.  And the price of not accepting ourselves, which is more.”

In my work as a life coach, I am very familiar with the – sometimes paralyzing –  voices of fear that prevent us from doing what we know we need to do and very much look forward to spending this time with Jenny.


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