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JFB on MSNBC talking about new show “Shezow!”

JFB on MSNBC talking about new show “Shezow!”
June 4, 2013 Jennifer Boylan

I appeared on MSNBC on Saturday as GLAAD spokeswoman regarding media criticism of a new children’s cartoon, Shezow, which has as its hero a young boy who puts on a magic ring and becomes a feminine superhero, complete with crazy hair and go-go boots.  The show is a delight;  the right-wing criticism of it is not.  The video of the clip is below.

Jenny Boylan on MSNBC, 6/1/13

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  1. Hangar Queen 11 years ago

    Couldn’t launch the clip. Probably because I have radiation poisoning from a week at Assateague Island and the auld brain is a bit baked. My youngest saw a promo for the show a while back and just laughed. He’s just 6 though so everything is funny. Especially if it involves bodily functions,monkeys and/or messing with ‘gender roles’.

    Would I be correct in assuming it’s the usual swivel eyed loon suspects firing up the Outrage Bus?

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