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Love is a Four Letter Word in today’s Daily Beast

Love is a Four Letter Word in today’s Daily Beast
July 27, 2009 Jennifer Boylan

From the Daily Beast:

In Love is a Four Letter Word, an irresistible new breakup anthology, 23 writers including Junot Diaz and Jennifer Finney Boylan depict romantic heartache and headache in full-frontal nakedness.

It can come during one of those loud late-night phone calls fueled by booze and bile that leave no insult unspoken. Or it can come in an eerie, quiet apartment with extra underwear and a toothbrush tossed into a shopping bag before walking out and shutting the door one final time. Breakups come in all volumes, degrees of severity, differing locales. But the darn things still hurt like hell, maybe not forever as it first seems, but plenty at the outset and long after that. The end of a romantic dream is a kind of death, its passing seldom marked with a funeral, just ongoing waves of regret or sometimes relief, plus countless instant replays of scenes that should have gone differently, words said or unsaid, along with vows to never make that mistake again and be such a fool for love.

Read it all at the Daily Beast’s Book Beast page, here.


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