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“Maddy Might Just Work After All.” JFB in Modern Love Podcast

“Maddy Might Just Work After All.” JFB in Modern Love Podcast
April 6, 2016 Jennifer Boylan

ModernLove_1080x1080_Instagram_Episode13-620x620Here’s my piece from the Modern Love podcast, originally published in the New York Times some years ago, and now made into a swanky piece of audio. With new commentary from me at the end on our family, on “I Am Cait,” and on how having a father who became a woman helped my children become better men.



  1. Maddie 8 years ago

    When I saw the title of the episode of Modern Love, I had no idea what it was about, but being my name – I was intrigued.

    I punched the air with triumph in my car on my way to work. What a glorious glimpse into your life, thank you for sharing. Much love, another Maddie x

  2. AJ Smith 8 years ago

    I just read the NYT piece and was quite touched. I wanted to commend you for it, not just for having written it, but for your skills as a parent (Deirdre too) because the difference between a well-adjusted compassionate child and another lies not in the gender of their parents, but in the love that binds a family together. Kudos to you for navigating what might have been a tortuous transition with little or no fallout for your children.

  3. Samantha 8 years ago

    You did a great job on I AM CAIT.

    One thing I would like your friends to know who call you a sell out and are angry:

    For a long time we were not accepted and people wanted nothing to do with us, them calling you a “sell out” and wanting you to not associated with Caitlyn because of political views is a lot like we went through. While I don’t agree with Caitlyn’s political views, I do accept her and do not consider you a sell out either. Caitlyn does have a point, most Republicans aren’t for taking our rights away, I have learned that recently. It appears the ones who are vocal about it usually are getting donations from “Christian” organizations and they are pressing the issues. This is why I hate please politics. Kind of like Hillary with the banks. All politicians are evil.

    I think what it is going to take for people in general like it did for Obama, (finally)agreeing on Gay Marriage–is to be around us. Remember when Obama said he came around on gay marriage in 2012 after meeting Sasha & Milia’s friends who had same sex parents? When Obama was elected in 2008, he opposed gay marriage.

    We have to learn to be able to have talk to each other and not name call or label people and I hope people take your lead. You are a smart woman, you know what I am saying.

    Bless you dear for staying on that bus. I could not have been able to.

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