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For appearances (related to She’s Not There, Long Black Veil, She’s Not There, I’m Looking Through You,  Stuck in the Middle With You, Long Black Veil, and/or other gender, human rights & education issues:)
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New appearances for 2010…

New appearances for 2010…
March 3, 2010 Jennifer Boylan

FalconQuinn revise2 A few dates for 2010 are becoming firmer, including three or four this very month of March.

March 4:  Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT appearing in an Anthropology class (not open to public)

March 5: Portland, ME: TransForming Wellness Conference, keynote speaker (University of Southern Maine), Payson Hall– 4:30 PM

March 13:  Kendall Square Cinema, will introduce the film, Prodigal Sons, and afterwards interview its subject, Kimberly Reed,  7 PM.

March 18: Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA.  A sneak peak at FALCON QUINN AND THE BLACK MIRROR, and also readings of “gendered memoir.”  Free and open to all!

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  1. Hangar Queen 14 years ago

    Let’s see.
    Nearest appearance is in PA the day after St.Patrick’s day. Hmmmm
    Sorry..I gave it a moment or two of actual consideration before my Reality Drive kicked in.

    Come on down to DC sometime. We’re not completely evil..well…we are actually but I’ll get you a safe conduct pass.

  2. Margie 14 years ago

    Drat! Wish I had checked your page earlier. Would have loved to see you again in Portland. Can’t make the Kendall Square either, another Drat! I did get to see the Oprah show and I thought Kim was awesome. Can’t wait for the dvd on Amazon.
    Good luck with the interview and you new book Jen.
    Hope you’re enjoying our mild winter!

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