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Southern Comfort next stop…

Southern Comfort next stop…
September 23, 2009 Jennifer Boylan

Southern Comfort, next stop.

Marci Bowers, Donna Rose, Jenny Boylan, Eden LaneI’m off to Atlanta bright and early in order for my annual headlock with the southern comfort gender conference. This year I’m doing my one-woman show, The Porcupine Woman, on Thursday night, around 9 I think, as well as a seminar the next day.  If you’re there, please stop in.  Remind me who you are if I look confused; sorry for the constant aphasia, but I really do want to make a connection with readers, so bear with me until the synapses spark.

It’s my understanding that Atlanta is underwater right now. Hate that.  I’m going anyway.

The lovely photo you see herewith is from SoCo two years ago, I believe.  The cast includes the lovely Marci Bowers, (far left); the cyclonic Donna Rose; Old Neon Nose herself, and on the far right, Ms. Eden Lane in all her fabulousness.  Let a thousand flowers bloom.


  1. Eden Lane 15 years ago

    That was a fun evening. I think that was the evening where whiskey and duct tape played a role. 😉 I will miss seeing you in Atlanta, but know my best wishes travel with you.

  2. Nicole Meadows 15 years ago

    Hi Jennifer. I wanted to say thank you for tonight’s performance. It was lovely and served as a much-needed respite from a long (but rewarding) day of seminars. Too frequently in transition-focused conferences such as these, we lose touch with the most important part of the experience… the changes which occur on the inside. Thank you for sharing the inner light with us. Much love and hugs.


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