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Star of the Day: 2/18/71

Star of the Day: 2/18/71
August 3, 2010 Jennifer Boylan

Here’s a totally sweet version of Dark Star, played by those reprehensible has-beens whom I love so, at the Capitol Theatre on February 18, 1971. The tune begins with the 9th track, then moves into Wharf Rat, of all things, played here for the very first time. And then back into Dark Star again in one of the prettiest jams I’ve heard. All of this would be, of course, the exclusive terrain of those who like such things. A really nice moment, though, from a time when music did not suck.

the embedded player below is so unwieldy I suspect it may be easier to make this work by simply going here and selecting track 9, 10, and 11. But if you want to try your luck below, hit the play arrow, let the first tune start up, and then hit the Forward arrow until you get a good stream on track 2, and then hit Forward again, etc, until at last you hear D.S. come up on track 9. Like I said, more than a little unwieldy, and if you can’t quite get this to work, well, what the heck. It’s back to Lady GaGa for you.


  1. Jeannie Robert 14 years ago

    nice to see I’m not the only one standing at the intersection of the transgender and deadhead communities. This is indeed a wonderful version of Dark Star, so exceptionally melodic – pure genius on Jerry’s part. And the rest of the concert isn’t bad either… Thanks for pointing out this source of GD live recordings – I was only aware of the “Taper’s Section” on

    The parallels between being trans and being a deadhead are rather interesting. I’m pretty much a closet deadhead in the middle class/corporate environment in which I live – almost as secretive as I used to be about my gender identity. Even now, I’m sure that some of the people who don’t think twice about me being trans would look at me funny if I told them I love the Dead’s music. It’s just so hard to counter the drugs image in people’s minds and convince them that it’s all about the music! You probably haven’t had that experience yourself, being a musician and in contact with people more likely to appreciate it.

    Thanks again for sharing this with us!

  2. Deviatrix 14 years ago

    Jerry Garcia? Didn’t he design ties at one point?

    Only messin’ with ya.

  3. Karla 14 years ago

    The Capital was such a great place…saw Old & In the Way there on there only tour as well as NRPS, Dave Mason, Hot Tuna etc… The Capital in Portchester was equally as funky with large bench seating…Janis played there a week before she died….great website!!!!!

  4. Corabella 12 years ago

    Yay … Dead fans that are trans …. I am a head and also trans … I am just starting transition .. Although I followed them from 87 till 95 … I was taken in by the Dead. And their merry band of pranksters … I am looking to make friends with other trans heads … Hi all peace n love Corrabella.

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