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There is a Reason: a little song.

There is a Reason: a little song.
September 17, 2015 Jennifer Boylan

Okay, boys n’ berries. I wanted to share a song with you.  (You can click the play button below to hear the tune.)

I wrote this in 1982, when I figured I was in the closet forever.  I almost never played this song for 25 years, then I started singing it again.

Maybe this tune will speak to a familiar place to some of you.  It’s about feeling a little bit like you’re in a bad place, but trying to find hope and joy in spite of all the darkness.  In this tune, it seems like the odds are against me.  But here I am.  Anyway, the title of the song is “There is a Reason,” and it’s a little time capsule.  New York City, Spanish Harlem, 24 years old.  Hungry, frightened, hopeful.

“There is a Reason” by James Boylan © 1982 Mean Streak Music.


  1. Jo 9 years ago

    I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to invite all of you girls into our home and lives these past 8 weeks:) you all touched my heart in so many ways with each of you having your own unique personality, thought process, and sense of humor:) We sure are gonna miss you now that the season is over but I am so grateful to have finally figured out how to “Twitter” and will be able to comtinue to follow your journeys! Miss Jenny, you are an amazingly intelligent young lady with so much talent in so many areas and speak with such eloquence wheather cracking a joke or providing loving councel ! God bless both you and your wife and thank you again for educating us all with such dignity and respect:)
    Oh yea and BTW, who knew you were a songstress as well:) been hummin this little tune all day! TY again

  2. Molly McNeilly 9 years ago

    You are an amazing living entity Jenny, utbka James!!!! Creative, clever, humorous, a fricken cool.

  3. Molly McNeilly 9 years ago

    P.S. Do Trans women ever dress for halloween as guys??? If so you could go as John B. Sebastian. Hey wait a minute, did you used to be J.B. Sebastion?????????

  4. Molly McNeilly 9 years ago

    I just read the descriptions of your advocacy accomplishments, now I feel like I’ve been on another planet! I am just discovering Your Amazingness now? Thank you Caitlan Marie!

  5. Molly McNeilly 9 years ago

    Now I realize why you were my favorite person on I am Cait.
    OK, that’s all. I think I may be bogarting your cyberspace. I’ll get a grip before I get a gripe!

  6. Olivia Gale 9 years ago

    I’m so glad you shared this, Jenny. You are a beautiful, courageous soul who I feel privileged to know.

  7. Jill Anglin 9 years ago

    I have become enamored with you and Jillian Weiss. I want to get in volved in helping others in the transgender community. I did not have support or contact when I was transitioning. I did research on doctors, I reasearched who was more succesful and less probles. That alleviated Thailand, Montreal was too far. Dr. Bowers was heading west. I chose Doctor Sherman Leis in Bela Cynwyd, pennsylvania. I took out a personal loan for the surgery. The surgery was performed at Lower Bucks County Hospital out side of Philadelphia. Two years and one day ago,
    I have BA IN BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE and a back ground in drug and alcohol counseling. I spent six years working with NAMI as a Facilitator, Facilitatot Trainor, peer to peer Mentor and Five years speaking to police departments on PTSD and Transgender individuals. I am not a radical. I like meeting people and enjoy public speaking. My back ground: i spent 20 years in the United States Navy, I retired as a chief Petty Officer, i am a Vietnam combat veteran, and a Navy Fire fighter. I am bored and would love to be involved as a non paid volunteer. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce my self.

  8. Jennifer Goglia 9 years ago

    Miss Jenny,
    I am proud to share the name Jenny (Jennifer) with you! I am a heterosexual woman. I have never questioned that or felt that I was someone different inside than I am outside. I have never really known very much about someone being transgender other than watching part of Chaz Bono’s show about his transition. I have always believed that no matter what ALL people are equal and should be treated with love and respect. When Caitlyn Jenner came out I was very curious about what it meant to be transgender. I’ve been watching the show and it has truly changed my life! Watching what transgender men, women and even children are going through really speaks too my heart and my faith. It truly breaks my heart to see and know what they are going through. I feel like Caitlyn coming out in the public eye has really shined a light on things that the transgender community deals with everyday. I have enjoyed and gotten inspiration watching and listening to the stories I have heard on the show. I commend Caitlyn for coming out and helping others to understand and to start changing the society we live in. Everyone in the LGBT community should have equality all over the world. God loves us all no matter what! We are all made in his likeness! We are ALL sons and daughters of God! I’m not here to preach, I just want to say that I just really hate when people use religion to tell someone they are sinners and judge them. We are all sinners and only God can judge us when the day comes. Anyway, I just want to say how much love and respect I have for transgender men, women and children. They have such courage to go through life knowing that their brain and their hearts don’t match their outside. I have really enjoyed watching you and the other transgender ladies on the show. I commend you all for your courage. One day we will stop the hate in this world and learn to love one another for who we are! God bless you Jenny

  9. Candace Pfau 9 years ago

    I have followed you Jenny since your first appearance on the original Oprah Winfrey show. I truly think my father’s brother Jack would have discovered he was a transgender. I was so obsessed with his short life, age 20, drowned, suicide in a mental hospital. I found his grave site. I was never told about this Uncle. He was like a dirty secret that never existed. Once I knew of him, I had to investigate everything about it. The strangest part was his sister, my aunt Anne and I had this odd connection where Anne would say, I seemed to speak what she was thinking before she would say it. I have come to the conclusion that I may be Jack, re-incarnated. If that happens. I would like someone to write and tell Jack’s story. As I hope no transgender teen every experiences the nightmare growing up in a Seven Day Adventist family that Uncle Jack did. Thank you for opening the door for all.

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