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Video of JFB testimony to Maine Judiciary Committee

Video of JFB testimony to Maine Judiciary Committee
April 14, 2011 Jennifer Boylan

This is the three minutes of testimony I provided to the Maine Judiciary Committee, which was considering the bill to exempt transgender Mainers from the Human Rights act.

This is part 3 of four videos that cover the entire testimony. If you want to study the whole process, you could begin with part one, below, which presents Representative Fredette’s introduction of the bill, followed by the committee’s questioning of the congressman. This is followed by a legislator seconding the bill. Then Jennifer Levi from Equality Maine presents an articulate rebuttal. This continues in part 2. Her testimony is then followed by a half hour of testimony in support of the bill, largely from right wing religious nuts, and this is then followed by a half hour of testimony in opposition. Of particular note in that second video is the opening testimony by Wayne Maines, the father of a 13 year old transgender girl. Testimony in opposition continues into part 3; my testimony opens part 3, as above. The opposition continues in part 4, and includes smart words from Jean Vermette, well-regarded trans spokeswoman in Maine.

Part one: the bill is introduced by Rep. Fredette; the committee asks questions; a second Representative speaks in favor of the bill; then Jennifer Levi from Equality Maine testifies against it.

Part 2 of the testimony; Jennifer Levi’s testimony continues. 30 minutes of support for the bill from conservative witnesses; then the beginning of 30 minutes of opposing testimony.

(part 3 is at the top of page, opening with Jenny Boylan’s testimony, and continuing on with other testimony in opposition.

Part 4, concluding testimony.


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