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Your 2012 Transgender All-Stars!

Your 2012 Transgender All-Stars!
July 13, 2009 Jennifer Boylan

Your 2011 Transgender All-Stars will play the Wingnuts in the summer classic tonight.  Some familiar fan favorites, and some newcomers in this year’s roster.  Also:  Susan “Wild Thing” Stanton, formerly catcher, appears to have sent down to the minors.

boyd 1. Helen Boyd

After a trade from the Brooklyn Feminists to the Wisconsin Scholars, the leadoff hitter for this years Transgender All Star game is known for throwing the curve.

schrorrer 2.  Diane Schroer

Recently traded from the Library of Congress AAA team, the Colonel in the two-hole should be well poised to move Boyd into scoring position.

MaraKeisling 3. Mara Kiesling

Leading the league in earned runs, the big left hander is not renowned for speed.  In recent years she has had the extra burden of carrying a small dog, “Puffington” as she rounds the bases.

rose 4. Donna Rose

Donna “The Refrigerator” Rose has occupied the cleanup spot since becoming a free agent in 2006.  The controversy surrounding her decision not to renew her contract with the Washington Humans has made her a crowd favorite.

St-Pierre 5. Ethan St. Pierre (“E-Saint”)

Renowned for his RBIs,  St. Pierre has a history of sacrifices.  Often he can be seen swinging with a microphone instead of a bat.

JamisonGreen 6. Jamieson Green (a.k.a. “The Big Unit”)

The sixty-four year old from Oakland is known for his ability to stay in the game.

KateBornstein-header-9-25-08 7. Kate Bornstein (“That’s just Bornstein being Bornstein!”)

The Outlaw was recently removed from the Disabled List and is well known for her offensive skills.

chaz-bono-sex-change-underway 8. Chaz Bono

New to the All-Star lineup this year,  Bono will lead the pre-game Tabloid Derby.  A power hitter, Bono may be intentionally walked if the count is high in hopes of getting a strikeout from Calpernia Addams.


9.Calpernia Adams

Calpernia usually bunts.  Her running ability is exceptional, considering that she slides in heels.

Ladies and gentlmen—your 2009 Transgender All Stars!


  1. Roxanne Edwards 15 years ago

    Clever! This should become an annual event, Jenny. Being in the minors, it is good for us grassroots players to have big league role models. Plus now that you made SNL, maybe Will Ferrell’s Harry Carey can add color commentary…oh, dear God, I hope Ferrell doesn’t try a “Tootsie” role for his next flick. That could set us back another 30 years.
    Play Ball!

  2. Vanessa Law 15 years ago

    Thank you all for the wonderful work you’ve done for the transgender community!


  3. Siobhan Phoenix 15 years ago

    Woo! Way to go Kate! – I;d definitely say all those people have made some kind of different (for better or worse) on the face of T* rights.

    I love the motif (a softball game?) because I feel like we’re always playing a game with our counterparts in the LGB orgs and political arenas.

    I didn’t know about this blog until @kbornstein twittered about it – I’ll have to add it to my reading list.

    -Siobhan Phoenix

  4. Jessica Who 15 years ago

    Awesome team, really great people there. Hmm… could I be the assistant to the assistant manager?

  5. Angela Palermo 15 years ago

    By way of suggestion for the reserves and relievers for the All Star squad:

    1) Pauline Park–an amazing trans activist in NYC (and statewide).
    2) Julia Serrano–her book “Whipping Girl” is SO amazing!
    3) Kelley Winters–her work on GID Reform has been really necessary and has fostered lots of good conversations.


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